Flat, House, Household
and Liability Insurance

We will protect your entire home comprehensively.


Immediate Assistance and Assistance Services

Slavia pojišťovna offers household and property insurance to cover damages

to flats, houses, holiday homes, garages, swimming pools and other facilities  

that were caused by

fire, explosion, lightning, gales, hail, earthquake, car or aircraft crash, falling trees, theft.

The assistance service will help solve a crisis situation.

This insurance can be complemented with some supplementary insurance, e.g., against damage caused by snow, water or against vandalism.

Which insurance risks

can the insurance cover?

You will receive extra care with our insurance

Insurance scope
  • Fire and its accompanying phenomena, explosion, direct lightning strike, smoke, gale, hail
  • Crash or impact of an aircraft, its part or cargo, falling trees, masts or other objects
  • Landslide, avalanches, earthquakes, liquid leaking from water supply systems due to their failure (hereinafter referred to as ‘water damage’)


Optional supplementary insurance:


  • Flood and/or inundation

BASIC assistance services

+ FREE phone assistance


Suitable for arranging a mortgage

Insurance scope
  • All BASIC services


  • Overvoltage, undervoltage
  • Supersonic wave (sonic boom)
  • Frost, weight of snow, costs of water damage
  • Short circuit in electric motor, vehicle crash
  • Burglary, robbery, glass breakages
  • Floods and flooding
  • Building material, tools

Optional supplementary insurance:

  • Vandalism, fence damage by game, damage to insulated facade by birds, rodents and insects
  • Greenhouse

Assistance services CERTAINTY

+ technical assistance, which will organise and pay for you transport and technical assistance work or material, e.g., electrician, gas fitter, plumber, heating engineer, glazier, locksmith


Suitable for arranging a mortgage

Insurance scope
  • All BASIC services
  • All CERTAINTY services


  • Precipitation
  • Water increase
  • Loss of water
  • Vandalism
  • Damage to the facade insulation by animals
  • Greenhouse


Optional supplementary insurance

  • Fence damage by game, technical failure
  • Damage to internal insulation by animals
  • Vegetation
  • Graves

Assistance services JUBILEE

+ CERTAINTY + legal consultations over the phone and another doctor’s opinion


Suitable for arranging a mortgage


  • Choice of supplementary insurance according to a particular client’s needs
  • Liability insurance without involvement
  • With regard to vandalism insurance, graffiti is indemnified without the culprit being caught
  • Discount on construction (real estate, housing units) 17%
  • Photovoltaic and photothermal without limitations

We will protect your entire home comprehensively

We offer reliable and advantageous flat, house and property insurance. You can arrange insurance for your family house, flat, cabin, cottage and ancillary buildings (e.g., swimming pool or garage).

The insurance taken out with Slavia pojišťovna will cover a wide range of insurance risks caused by the elements or theft. We also provide effective and advantageous liability insurance for all household members.


  • BASIC assistance services (FREE phone assistance)
  • CERTAINTY (BASIC + technical assistance to organise and pay for your transport and technical assistance work or material, e.g., electrician, gas fitter, plumber, heating engineer, glazier, locksmith)
  • JUBILEE (CERTAINTY + legal consultation by phone and another doctor’s opinion)
  • Liability insurance for tenure of a building, construction or flat
  • Liability insurance for everyday civil life

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